Installing Dropbox service.

If you are developing a data collector, PrivacyStreams offers a convenient feature: directly uploading the collected data to your Dropbox (using DropboxOperators.uploadTo APIs).

To use Dropbox APIs, you need to install Dropbox library in your app. Specifically:

First, add Dropbox SDK dependency to build.gradle.

dependencies {
    compile 'io.github.privacystreams:privacystreams-android-sdk:0.1.7'
    compile 'com.dropbox.core:dropbox-core-sdk:2.1.1'

Then set Dropbox global configurations.

void collectCallLog() {
    Globals.DropboxConfig.accessToken = "your dropbox access token";  // Get your token from
    Globals.DropboxConfig.leastSyncInterval = 30*60*1000;  // Set the interval of uploading (30min in this example).
    Globals.DropboxConfig.onlyOverWifi = false;  // Set whether to upload data only over WIFI. If set to true, ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permission will be required. 
    // Then you can use Dropbox APIs in your program.
     uqi.getData(Call.getLogs(), Purpose.RESEARCH("Collecting data."))
        .forEach(DropboxOperators.<Item>uploadTo("calllog.txt", true));