Installing Google location service.

The Location APIs in PrivacyStreams are based on Google location service. In order to access location with PrivacyStreams, you will need to install Google location service.

Specifically, add the following line to build.gradle file under the app module.

dependencies {
    compile 'io.github.privacystreams:privacystreams-android-sdk:0.1.7'
    compile ''

Then in your app code, enable Google location service:

void printLocationTrace() {
    Globals.LocationConfig.useGoogleService = true;
    // Then the location API will be used on Google location service.
     uqi.getData(Geolocation.asUpdates(1000, Geolocation.LEVEL_CITY), Purpose.TEST("test"))
        .setField("distorted_lat_lon", GeolocationOperators.distort(Geolocation.LAT_LON, 1000))